Immersion effect
at theaters
At the theater, audiences are experiencing a immersive viewing experience through the wide curved screen. A audience is focused on the bottom-left with the text; IMMERSION EFFECT AT THE THEATERS.
Curved TV’s
Theater-like Viewing Effect

Why are viewers more immersed in to a movie when they are watching it at a theater as opposed to a living room? The secret to such difference is in the Field of View(FOV) which is positively correlated to the size that an object appears to human eye. Because of its structure, Curved TV has a much larger FOV than Flat TV thus appearing much larger to its viewers. This effect delivers the immersive viewing experience making every scene appearing on your living room TV feel more real like in theaters.

On the TV screen, A woman is looking backward holding a man's hand.
A family is watching TV at the living room. The flat TV turnes into the curved form with the extended Field of View(FOV). A woman is focus on the left with the text; THEATER-LIKE IMMERSION EFFECT AT HOME.
Theater-like immersion
effect at home
A comparison of Field of View(FOV) between flat and curved TV. A men is sitting down on a couch and curved TV has a larger FOV than flat TV.
The graphic describes the effect of the extended FOV in human's eye. The curved display's extended FOV stimulates more Rod Cells in human eye which is 1000 times more sensitive to motion than Cone Cells.
The extended FOV stimulates more Rod Cells in human eye which is 1000 times more sensitive to movement than other visual receptor cells. Human visual cells fall under Rod and Cone Cells. Cones are responsible for interpreting visual information such as letters and colors. This is why Cones are placed to receive most visual information perceived within a person’s central view, which is around 20~30º. But if the view widens more than 20~30º from watching Curved TV, additional visual information are mostly received by Rod Cells. When more Rod Cells are stimulated your sensory will be heightened as if you are actually experiencing the scenes on screen.