Curved Technology
Uniquely Curved

Curved TV is not made by simply bending Flat TV.
Learn why Curved Display is the essence of advanced display technology.

Vertical Alignment(VA) of Liquid Crystal

Liquid Crystal(LC) Alignment, the fundamental technology in LCD, determines how much light travels from the backlight unit to viewers’ eyes. The Vertical Alignment(VA) secures the LC in your display in a vertical position to firmly withstand pressure from curvature and accurately control traveling lights. Opposite from VA, Non-VA type has horizontal alignment of LC which doesn’t provide enough support to keep the LC aligned inside Curved Display. Failure in controlling the amount of light leads to degraded color expression and contrast ratio which are critical to displays.

Pure Color Expression from Curved Color Filter Technology

Experience the purest of colors. In order to express color, every display needs a color filter that holds three primary colors of light(red, green, blue). Each color pixel is aligned with its designated LC compartment in order to maximize color fidelity. For instance, if the viewer is intended to watch red, the LC in the red pixel’s compartment opens to allow light to pass while other compartments’ LC remain closed. See how this color technology has evolved with the introduction of Curved TV.

Curved Color Filter

Color Filter is laid beneath the LC to keep color pixels aligned and maximize color fidelity.

采用Curved专用彩色技术 采用Curved专用彩色技术 采用Curved专用彩色技术 采用Curved专用彩色技术
平面 透镜
Conventional Color Filter

Color pixels are laid on top of the LC triggering misalignment. This structure results impure color.

现有的方法 现有的方法 现有的方法 现有的方法 现有的方法
平面 透镜
Slim and Flexible Glass Technology

If conventional display glass is used in Curved Display, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure from curvature and shatter very easily. In order to realize optimal curvature, a slimmer and more durable glass is developed just for Curved TV.

更薄更有弹性的柔性屏幕 技术
更薄更有弹性的柔性屏幕 技术 更薄更有弹性的柔性屏幕 技术 更薄更有弹性的柔性屏幕 技术