Year 1980 in Shenzhen, China’s first electronic Sino-foreign joint-venture -- Konka Group Co., Ltd., was founded. With the main business lines covering multi-media consumer electronics, portable communication products, home appliances, satellite set-top boxes and upstream components, KONKA has made the leading consumer electronic enterprise in China and brought spectacular entertainment experience to hundreds of millions of families all over the world with innovative and premium quality products.

Konka, taking continuous innovation as the driving force, has established three-level R&D system: Research Institute, R&D Centre and Professional Design Studio, which integrated innovative concepts and force from the National Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Research Center and Research Laboratory in American Silicon Valley and therefore keep in pace with leading technologies.

From HD CRT TV to ultrathin LED TV and from 3D TV to smart 3D TV, Konka TV products have been leading constant consumer entertainment revolution. Combining the unique OMI system with Android system and integrated with upgraded chip, KONKA products offer plentiful amusing applications, redefining the home entertainment terminal and satisfying personalized demands of different markets.

Konka has constructed an effective international production and operation system and established a strategic alliance with upstream suppliers. The adoption of Flexible Management and ERP system in group operation has enabled Konka to keep full control through the whole process and make prompt responses so as to keep reasonable inventory period, accelerate the capital circulation and therefore remarkably reduce the operation cost.